About Us

Quality Plus Contracting Co Ltd was registered in Jamaica on March 24 2003 as a General Contracting Company. Since then, we have been serving many commercial and industrial companies Island wide in the areas of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, construction and design.


The vision of Quality Plus is to become the construction company of choice for both governmental and private sector companies throughout the Caribbean region.


Continue to deliver quality service to our clients in the areas of core competence (equipment rental, welding fabrication and installation, painting, scaffolding, civil works, outsourced electrical and mechanical maintenance). Also to continue to gain market share in providing services for electrical, instrumentation and automation projects; project management and engineering design.

We are now diversifying into providing best practice speciality equipment for industrial process plants by liaising with quality overseas suppliers. We now market and sell the “Superior Gas Chlorinator” for water and wastewater treatment which is manufactured by Chemical Injection Technologies.


To provide the best quality work for all clients at competitive prices while adhering to all safety, environmental and health standards.

To train our team to use best practices and tools so that we may be recognized by our clients as an efficient company.

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